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Crime Lists

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Do you love great history? Do you love facts, lists and trivia? Do you love true crime stories? Are you fascinated by the men and women who commit these horrible crimes and the people who catch and prosecute them? If so, you'll love this App. It is simply a collection of great lists, stories, articles and facts about the crime and murder. There is tons of information to read and think about.The Zodiac KillerSerial Killer Ted BundyJack The Ripper SuspectsEntebbe Rescue MissionU.S. City Rankings - RobberiesCrime Data – Violent CrimeOswald's First Assassination AttemptThe Heist at Harry’sPresident McKinley AssassinationAssassination of Julius CaesarGreat Gold Robbery, 1855U.S. Cities – Murder ratesTop 100 Mystery & Suspense MoviesTanya Harding – Nancy KerriganSerial Killer Jeffrey DahmerMexico's Drug WarLindbergh baby's murderDeath of John LennonMost Notorious CriminalsFamous Unsolved MurdersDid We Steal From Egypt?......and much much more Updates added frequently... more lists and articles added regularly... All lists and articles are stored on your device and will work with or without Wifi.
Natalee HollowayCharles MansonJohn Gotti Bonnie and ClydeMurder StalkingDrug Wars